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Several species of bat live in Albuquerque and the surrounding communities from about April through October. During winter most of our bats migrate further south are not an issue for homeowners. In fact, winter is the best time to take care of bat issues at the home since the bats are not present and closures can be made immediately.


Bats are a critically important wildlife species. Their insect pest consumption alone is remarkable. While having bats present on your property is great, it is never a good idea to let them stay in the attic as roosts tend to grow in size over years. Bats often enter attic spaces through soffit and fascia areas of homes just under the roof.

Homeowners with portals will often have bats occasionally sit on the walls, rest, and digest their nighttime meal. To a bat, portals must appear to be a shallow entrance to a cave. To us, it is a porch or deck with a ceiling. Some people will see the uric acid staining on the walls or find mouse-like droppings in these areas. Usually the bat rests for 30 minutes or so, and then flies away. Sometimes, a bat decides to spend the day hanging out in the portal instead of heading back to the regular roost. I advise clients to simply let the bat stay for the day. It is very unlikely that it will be there longer than a day or 2.  




  • If a bat has entered the living space of the home, it will need to be captured and removed. I offer this service, although this is typically an "emergency service" and I am often booked out.


  • If bats are using the attic, they need to be allowed to leave on their own through a one-way door placed at the access point so that re-entry is not possible. After bats have left through the one way door, then the final closures can be completed to keep them out. The Albuquerque area does not have overwintering bats. Winter is the perfect time of year to seal out bats before they return.

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