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I live relocate both venomous and non-venomous snakes. 


The most common snake found in the Albuquerque and the surrounding areas is the gopher snake, more commonly called a bull snake in this area. We also see a good number of western coachwhips, often locally called red racers. Neither of these snakes are venomous and are great to have around to control rodent populations. Our area has at least a dozen more snake species that are either more secretive, much smaller, or in less numbers and are not frequently seen.  Examples include garter snakes, blind snakes, and ring-necked snakes. 

Albuquerque and the surrounding areas have 3 species of rattlesnakes - the western diamondback, black-tailed rattlesnake, and prairie rattlesnake. All deserve to be treated with plenty of extra space.  

If you cannot tell one snake from another or do not have proper tools or training, then do not attempt to move a snake on your own.  

If you are looking to reduce the potential for snakes to stay on your property, then I recommend rodent trapping service to reduce your rodent population.  The less rodents available to eat, the less likely snakes will be to spend significant amounts of time on your property. Consider reducing, or eliminating, any unnecessary piles of debris and other hiding places on your property. Keep grass and weeds cut low, particularly around the home and in areas where kids and dogs play. Although it is impossible to remove all potential of a snake to visit your property, these steps will reduce the probability of snakes staying around.


  • If you are getting snake entry into your home, I strongly recommend an inspection to get all openings sealed up. If you have had snake entry, then it is very likely that rodents are entering.

  • If you need a snake removed from your home or property, I recommend keeping an eye on it until a professional arrives. Snakes tend to disappear quickly and easily. 

  • If you find you need a snake relocated, please call.

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