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Pigeon Removal


A very common concern from people across Albuquerque is how to get rid of pigeons. Pigeons use homes and businesses in various ways according to what the structure provides for them. Some homes may provide occasional sitting sites because of the height of the roof line. Other homes may provide nest sites under air conditioner units or overhangs. Homes with a tall sheltered wall may provide the perfect night time roost. With the rise in solar panel popularity on homes, pigeons have now adapted to using them as yet another "roof" over their nests. No matter what the structure offers, the pigeons can leave behind a mess of droppings and uric acid staining; nuisance noise; and a poor image.  


  • I offer free inspections for pigeon issues. There is a wide array of solutions for pigeon removal based on what structures they are using and how heavy the pressure is. Pigeon exclusion and abatement includes some aspect of making their preferred area no longer accessible to them. Installation of spikes, shock track, pigeon netting, hardware cloth, solar panel protection, and other products are used to prevent pigeon use of their favorite areas. 

  • Some homes and businesses have a great numbers of pigeons, occasionally in the hundreds, using the structure. Trapping and removal is often a solution for getting the situation under control with large numbers of pigeons.

  • Clean up and removal of droppings and nests is part of all pigeon exclusion services. I always remove and clean all areas before sealing areas off to pigeon activity. Please note that pigeon droppings are highly staining on stucco and various roof materials and while the droppings can be removed, the staining will remain.  

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