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The only species of woodpecker that cause damage to homes in Albuquerque and surrounding communities is the northern flicker. Out of every animal I work with, this species is by far the toughest to assist clients with nuisance issues and damage. 


Flickers (and all woodpeckers) are federally protected by law, so they cannot be directly removed or killed. All options become making your home less attractive to their destructive behavior. There are methods that help mitigate flicker activity, and flicker openings can be sealed to keep them out. Be aware that other wildlife, particular mice, rats, and squirrels, will start using flicker openings and will need removal before sealing. 



  • I offer an inspection to advise on best course of action.  There are a variety of deterrents available to homeowners and usually the answer lies in some some combination of deterrent use and proactive involvement by the clients that works best long term. I can install one-way exits, seal current woodpecker openings, and install deterrents as needed for clients. I am happy to inspect how flickers are using your home and advise on how to alleviate the activity.

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