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Gopher Removal




Pocket gophers are small to medium sized rodents that are usually first noticed by homeowners by the mounds of dirt left from burrowing activities. Gophers are herbivores that primarily eat roots, but occasionally are seen above ground eating on lawns or other vegetation. They never leave active burrow areas open for very long. Gophers are solitary and territorial rodents, so for most properties, a cluster of active mounds is done by a single gopher. Multiple gophers can live on a single property and are active year-round, even in the snow. Gophers often ruin the appearance of lawns and landscaping; cause collapses under brick and flagstone drives, patios, and walkways; and eatting planted vegetation and gardens.

I frequently see the public wanting to discuss mole activity in yards. However, there are no mole species in this area of New Mexico. Moles eat grubs, insects, and earthworm right at the top surface of the yard. They do not consume plants and do not create the extensive burrows that gophers create. Be aware that products for moles, whether traps or baits, are not effective for gophers.


I exclusively use traps for gopher removal and control. Although more labor intensive, trapping means that no pets or wildlife are poisoned by digging up bait or upon eating a poisoned gopher.  Gopher burrows are found using a probe.  Traps are set in the underground burrows in the areas of the newest mounds. Traps are staked out so as to not be lost in the tunnel system and to be visible to lawn services. All mounds are flattened so that it is easy to tell if further activity is occurring, and your property will immediately look better. I return in a few days to remove trapped gophers and move/reset traps as need. 


  • One time treatment with a no charge follow up approximately 1 week later to remove captured gophers. Additional follow ups, if needed, are charged. This is a good option for clients who only occasionally have gophers move onto their property (perhaps once or twice a year), or who just need help in getting the gopher population back under control.

  • Monthly maintenance plan for year-round control. If gophers regularly burrowing through your property year round, control can be established on a maintenance program with monthly visits at reasonable rates. If gophers move back onto property in between services, I reset traps at no charge in between services.

  • For a property usually less than an acre (home with landscaping), full gopher control can be established. On large lots or multiple acres of land, home owners should be aware that additional costs will be incurred to extend the trapping effort out further from the areas of primary concern (house, drive, lawn, etc.). This is charged on an hourly basis after initial rate.

  • Are you more of a Do-It-Yourself type? I can help you get started with a one time consultation charge on how to find tunnels, set traps, and remove gophers yourself. There is nothing like advise from a professional who has been removing gophers for years. I recommend and use the Gophinator trap by Trapline products.


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